Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hazim diserang campak

huhuhu...cian my little boy sorang ni...diserang demam begini, hazim start demam last friday..then mama just assume it was normal mama just gave him paracetamol (syrup)....then his fever was off after treatment..but after a few hours, his fever start again...mama really confuse that time..cos his fever on off and on off...then mama was suspecting maybe it was dengue coz he did't response to treatment..oh dear..i'm really afraid if it was dengue...on saturday nite, mama brought him to private order to get a new drugs for him..mmmm..the doc also gave paracetamol (yg berbezanya just a orange color)..previously kaler merah..huhuhu...and also antibiotic n flu drugs...but..hazim still had a fever...on off n on off...but he still active even had a fever...huh!! uncontrolled.....then mama ask my mom to bring him to HUSM (my workplace) get another treatment..maybe this time..the doc will give more attention to him since he already got the fever for 3 days...but..still the same incident occured..paracetamol again!!! no further check up for him.....huh!! i'm really really disappointed...mmm..yesterday, my curiosity finally answerable when there were a lot of small red pinpoint (bintik2 merah) at his face n body...n a little at his legs n hands........cian my little boy..diserang demam campak...confirm..............harap2 anak mama cepat sembuh n week, we have a plan to drive to kuantan to celebrate my n en. hubby besday (1 ogos)..actually, we were born at the same day, date n year (sunday, 1 ogos 1982) every year, we will celebrate it together.....heeee


  1. ololo..sianyer c kecik hazim ni, take care ek ;)

  2. btol2 sebaya ngan hubby ke rupenye..sooo romantik. tiap2 tahun leh celebrate bday sesama..hehehe..btw..klu ikut jam plak, sape yg dilahirkan dulu..=p

    hrp hazim cpt smbuh. zara pon dulu umur 10/11 bulan kna cmpak dh. tp tk kuar habis. so umur setahun kena inject cmpak jugakla..=p

  3. ieda: skrg duk jaga dia tu ada bg minum air kelapa

    lily: mmmm...sonok bila besday sama2 ni..jimat duit time pi celebrate..huhuhu..sapa lahir dulu, tak sure le plak..heeee