Tuesday, October 13, 2009

shopin di PengKalan KuboR

last friday..we (mama & hazim) went to Kuantan for special Raya feast organized by Navy Base..actually, mama took Thursday nite trip from Pasir puteh to Kuantan..and the event was started around 5 pm..and there were several dishes like laksa penang, rendang ayam & daging, satay, lemang, meehon goreng & some fruits..and after about 1 hour eating all these foods...we have to rush coz we need to catch next trip to pasir puteh at the same day...so en.hubby can spend his weekend with us...:)

so, last saturday...we (mama & en. hubby) went to pengkalan kubor for shopping...actually, we try to make small business..mmm..we bought 2 set of catering equipments..and thats for rental...

and below is some pictures at Ta'ba (thailand)...cross over Golok River for Lunch sake....:)
en. hubby
kerabu perut
kailam ikan masin
telur dadar

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  1. Bestnya nak bukak biz yerk. semoga smua perancangan berjalan lancar k..=)