Thursday, March 5, 2009

be a good wife

how to be a good wife to a good husband?? how?? of course every women in this world want and of course try to be a good wife to their husband and in the same time try to be a good mother to her little prince and princess..of course it is happen to me...every seconds, every minutes, every day i pray to Allah SWT to give me a beautiful and lovely family..together we spend our life and enjoy every sweet moments with you my dear hubby and little boy hazim...a good wife will always give a huge support to her hubby in various manner..but can i be a good wife?? a good wife need to stay near to her hubby...can i be a good wife?? a good wife need to serve food and drink to her hubby all the time (breakfast, lunch, dinner)..can i be a good wife?? a good wife have to treat her hubby passionately (even it is not for everynite)..and that's the way to ensure our intimacy last forever...and still standing as a wife husband have a nice and romance vicinity in our affair...can i be a good wife?? long distance was happened to our hubby at lumut as a navy and i worked as a vet at HUSM...and that's make our life became not so complete (half complete)..we just hanging around together on weekend..public holidays..of course i feel a little regret and sorry to my dear hubby..alone at lumut in our luvly home bought by us last dear..can i be good wife to you?? with that i always prays to be a good wife to you my dear...

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