Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Makes a Man Fall (and Stay) in Love... at Five Minutes, Five Months, Five Years

Dating Story: "She Taught Me the Meaning of Faith"

Chris Heuwetter, 27, law school student, Palm Beach, Fla., married six months, dated for two years

At two days: We met while dating online, then in person at Starbucks. After coffee we went to a New Agey store, and she showed me these crystals, put my hand on one and said, "Can you feel the energy?" I thought, Wow, who is this crazy girl? But it was the start of something new for me. She makes me think more spiritually. To have faith in things I can't see.
At three months: We were sitting on a bench eating ice cream, and I said, "I have to tell you I'm in love with you, and I think I've been in love with you for a while." I told her I was surprised it hadn't slipped out of my mouth yet, since I'd been saying it over and over in my mind.
At one year: We went back to the same coffee shop, and at our table was another couple. They looked cute and nervous. "Are you on your first date?" we asked. "Yeah," they said, "how did you know?" We said we'd had our first date right there, exactly a year before, and were now planning to get married. We went back on our second anniversary, and we'll go back on our third, because it's our place, the place where we began.

p/s: mama suka article's our place, the place where we began..sungguh tersirat ayat ni..khasnya bagi menjamin kebahagiaan dan keharmoniaan kami berdua....nampak gaya ku kena le bwk mama dinner kat palace of golden horses tiap2 tahun....hahahahaha.........bankrup!!!!.....huhuhuhu.....

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