Thursday, April 2, 2009

how to have a long distance marriage...???

article ni sesuai untuk pasangan yang dlm situasi PJJ (Perkahwinan Jarak Jauh)...

p/s: sesuai untuk aku n u syg even we are in long distance marriage...but one day we will stay together (god willing)......(hopefully it is just a temporary)

Keeping the sparks alive in a long distance marriage takes a great deal of effort and a lot of patience, but by staying positive and showing your love for one another, you and your spouse can continue to stay close no matter how far apart you may be.

Communicate. Speak on the phone at least once a day if possible, and email each other daily or multiple times a day. Talk not only about what you did that day, but tell your spouse about any concerns or worries you may be having and touch base on your finances. Make the time spent talking to and emailing your spouse a daily priority.

Trust your spouse and be trustworthy yourself. Spending considerable time apart can create doubts and worries. Reassure your spouse that you are still totally in love with him, and let him know that you need that same reassurance from him. This will help the two of you to have complete and total trust in each other during your time apart.

Visit each other whenever possible. Planning frequent visits is well worth the time and money spent to make the trip when it means more precious time spent in person with your spouse.

Be affectionate and loving with each other. Tell your spouse regularly that you love her and are there for her. If one of you is going through a hard time, spend extra time talking on the phone or make a surprise visit to show that you both still care for and are in love with each other.

Bring photos and videos of you and your spouse with you so that you have concrete memories to remind you of all of the good times you've spent together. You may feel alone and sad spending so much time away from your spouse. Photos and videos will provide happy memories for you to hold on to during this time apart.

Send small gifts and cards to each other regularly. Getting loving notes or gifts in the mail from your spouse will help the two of you to feel closer together.

Plan fun activities or trips for your visits together so that you have exciting times to look forward to.


  1. huhu..sesuai utk me n hubby jugak..

    skang bukan setakat call. tp hari2 sibuk video call plak.yg penting bkn nk tgk mama, tp nak tgk anak dara die tu..=p

  2. heee..dah tentu le dok tgk anak dara dia yg comel kata anak pompuan ni nnti jd anak kesayangan ayah...heeee..