Sunday, April 26, 2009

my 1st award

award rules :
1. Insert this badge or the pic above to inform u have been awarded.

2. Make sure u take the pic n said it is from.

3. You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself.

4. You should choose 5 other bloggers (easier the ones who follow you) and tell their names in your blog

5. Dont forget to go to their blog and tell them they have been tagged !!!
1st rule
-mama dah letak award kat atas.
2nd rule
-award ni from mama zara
3rd rule
-10 facts 0r hobbies about me:
1) mama is wife to Lt Tg. mohd ariff
2) mama is mom to Tg. Amirul Hazim
3) mama is a veterinary Officer at Hosp. Universiti Sains Malaysia kubang Kerian, Klntn...(p/S: we're in long distance marriage coz my dear hubby is now staying at Lumut as a engineer officer (TLDM)). But he will move to Kuantan this coming June.
4) have my own car, made in malaysia: perodua viva...but still thinking to change to toyoto wish or nissan grand livina....did i afford to have one of them??? hahahaha......mayb next year coz need to save money for downpayment...hahahaha...
5) have my own house at seri manjung, perak....even it is a 2nd hand house...
6) very crazy to laksa penang n sizzling mee
7) love to shop....especially handbag and high heels...also love to have a new blouse...(setiap kali dpt gaji)
8) love to have holiday with my hubby n little prince year is our le tour malaysia.....
9) miss to my dear frenz..noorul azrina....
10) have an idea to have my own pet shop plus pet next 5-10 years....insyaAllah...........
4th rule
mama nak tag kat;
1) mama syafi
2) mama zahra
3) ummieisya
4)mama ieda

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