Saturday, December 5, 2009

anNiVerSary DiNNer..

Based on previous post, we bought our anniversary gifts in advanced..coz we too excited to celebrate it this year...FIY, we cant't make it last year coz my dear hubby have to sail to somalia due to (pirate attack at teluk aden) this is 1st time for us to celebrate it together (plus with hazim)..unfortunately...during the dinner, hazim became so active n he totally didn't want to sit properly in baby high chair...he also want to play around n eat by himself...the waiter in that restaurant was giving him a set of plastic plate including plastic we just let him to play all the the dinner became smooth again...thanks hazim n also the waiter..heeee....
mama n hazim..
bersiap-sedia utk 'melantak'..kelaporan...heeee...
mix grill - hubby punya....

sizzling mix grill- mama punya...


  1. Happy Anniversary! Moga berbahagia selalu. AMin!

  2. nampak cam arif lak yang da kurus teknik kamera :P

  3. beshhhnyer makan2! epy eniberseri ek! :)