Thursday, December 31, 2009

zoo negara

pada yang tak tahu..aku ni seorg pegawai veterinar kat HUSM..also known as veterinarian..mama study kat UPM..selama 7 tahun..stay at serdang area about 7 years..but unfortunately..i have no opportunity to go to zoo negara...can't u imagine??..even i need to involve in animal's world....maybe because of i have no transport to go.. n i also never thought to go to visit or doing some practical at zoo..or maybe because i have less interest on these kind of wild animals....(bad vet?? - am i have no feel to like or love wild animals???..OHH..NO.. its definitely NOT TRUE!!!!!!... coz i care about them, just maybe 7 years ago....the truly reason why i never have been there because i have no my own transport!!..).....NOW....i have no reason or excuse..not to go to have fun there...coz the truly reason is now...i have my own transport!!!....last time..we were have a fun at 'zoo taiping'..

SO....last holiday...i grabbed this opportunity to visit n have a fun at zoo negara with my dear hubby n lovely so nice coz hazim was really enjoy n like all these animals especially the BIGs elephant, camel,' seladang'...giraffe...i can see from his eyes n excited with all these animals....

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  1. Mama, papa n Zara pon sukakan animals!! dulu ngan hubby dating pon leh jerk pergi zoo johor or zoo melaka tau..tgk2 tpt ikan pon suka jugak..tu yg menurun kat Zara kot..hehehe..

    nk tgu turn gi zoo taiping. entah bilela gamaknye..lom pernah smpai lg..=p